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AKG Q701 Quincy Jones

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MSRP $449.00
This product is no longer available at HeadRoom.

The AKG Q701 headphones are the culmination of Quincy Jones unprecedented input into the famed K701 musical presentation. Quincy's signature influence offers a smoother tone and great low-end response with magnificent detail and huge soundstage depth surpassing that of any mere "studio" headphone. All of Quincy's legendary recordings from 'Thriller' to 'We Are The World' were made using top AKG headphones -- find out why! Choose your color.



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Product Features:

  • Quincy Jones signature sound brought to the K701
  • Revolutionary flat-wire voice coils for intense clarity
  • AKG-patented 'VariMotion' 2-layer diaphragm technology
  • Uber lightweight neodymium magnet arrays
  • Detachable / replaceable headphone cord

What's In The Box:

  • 1 - 10ft detachable headphone cable
  • 1 - 20ft detachable headphone cable
  • 1/4" stereo plug adapter
  • AKG owner's warranty statement


The Quincy Jones AKG Q701 headphones are very similar to the AKG K701 on which they are based with perhaps slightly more controlled highs right out of the box versus their famous counterparts. Quincy has also brought his own world-famous smooth-toned sound signature to the K701's top-end brightness which may be considered a good thing for reference listeners finding the laser-like detail resolution of the K701's uppermost highs overly strident or sibilant. Other than a more relaxed timbral dimension, expect the same incredible depth of soundstage and precise musical expressiveness in the Q701 with a tightly focused, non-bloated bottom-end response highly favored by critical audiophiles and demanding studio producers alike. The midranges are present, fully developed and well-bodied throughout all vocal ranges without any leading edge or sense of grain. The large, completely circumaural ["around the ear"] fit of the Q701's ear cushions completely surrounds the earlobes on most heads, making for one of the most comfortable, lightweight full-size headphones in the industry. Whew, finally, cool headphones not named after a rapper!

The Quincy Jones Q701 headphones come in black or white colors at HeadRoom and feature easily detachable headphone cables that can be upgraded if desired with excellent Cardas Audio after-market cabling. Full-size circumaural earcups with plush black velour cushions surround the earlobes and offer excellent long-term wearing comfort, an important plus for working producers and recordists using headphones all day (and night). The AKG 'semi-sealed' earcup construction affords little isolation from ambient noise intrusion but does help prevent audio 'leakage' to the outside when listening in quiet settings where perhaps you don't want to disturb cubicle mates -- or wake up your partner. The Q701's outer earcups sport boss cosmetic rings around the driver frames, an understated differentiation from the regular K701 look. As with the standard AKG K701 model, we recommend allowing about 300 hrs of play-time (aka "burn-in") for the Q701 to open up and sonically perform at its very best. The two provided headphone cords included with the AKG Q701 are green in color, extend 10ft and 20ft respectively,  and the package also includes an AKG stereo adapter for use with any plug size. The free 2-year manufacturer's 'repair or replace' product warranty remains in effect only with your HeadRoom "100% authorized AKG dealer" purchase receipt.


  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Weight: 235 grams w/o cord
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ -12dB
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 62 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Cord Length: 9ft
  • Cord Type: Straight Left-Side
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Coupler Size: Large
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Semi-Open
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB

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Outstanding sound for price
Posted by beepover from Boston, Ma on 2013-09-22

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Sound Quality for Price, Removable Cord, Very Good Comfort
Cons: Build Quality, Poor fit on Sm head, Huge sound leak, Lack of bass

Great sound. Different but up there in sound quality with HD600 and HD650. For the price, it is great value. For under $250 you get outstanding value for sound.


Huge pads, lots of sound leakage therefore must crank up all the way on volume. Head band held by nylon cords is just cheap and will be a durability issue in the long term. Moving parts will always wear down. My head is small and the hand band has no pressure against the top of my head. Still comfortable but it could be a tigher fit. Also pads are velour a big plus, but they are hard. Some say Q701 look good, but to me they are ancient looking with touch of modern color.Compare them to Sennheiser or V=Moda. They remind me of my Grado's ancient styling with not much thought to comfort. Sound is their main purpose.

Thats great, but what happens when you get headphones with great sound and have great styling and outstanding comfort? If headphones are uncomfortable, basically you cant wear them and enjoy them. Sennheisers by far are the most comfortable headsets out there. At least of the list of headphones I have.

Have: Grado SR-60, SR80, Sennehisers HD555, HD595, HD600, HD650, ATM-50S, Bose QC-15, Ultrasone HFI-780, Q701.
Using STX--All Audio ripped in to Wav format.

If you have around $250, yes I would say get the Q701. They have great sound for the price. The sound is diffrent but near to equal to the HD600 series. But if you have more, get the HD600 or HD650. All the HD series have better fit and finish leading to super comfort.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

3 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?

AKG Q701
Posted by Jazzman from Germantown TN on 2013-07-20

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Musical, Good Value
Cons: No concerns

Recently purchased these, my first foray into headphones. I have been letting them burn themselves in via ipod , HeadRoom Micro Amp, Blue Circle DAC and Wadia i171 , running Audioquest Bur Sur mini to rca cable between DAC and Micro Amp. Have about 100 of the recommended 300 burn in hours on them and so far am enjoying their musicality which has steadily increased with burn in. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a well built,musical headphone - my musical tastes largely revolve around smooth jazz i.e. Marion Meadows, Four Play, Rippingtons etc.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

7 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Posted by x on 2013-05-11

Recommend Product: No


Sound Quality
Look & Feel

64 out of 66 people found this review unhelpful. Did you?

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