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Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

MSRP $1,399.00
Stock Status: 1 to 2 Weeks.
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Top Ten For AudiophilesThe expansively deep soundstage imaging and precise tonal balance of the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 headphone is a stunning feat of audio engineering, partly due to freshly patented driver arrays creating over '1 Tesla' of flux density at the voice coil. This remarkable advancement results in extraordinarily accurate signal response, immeasurably quick dynamic range extension and beautifully uncluttered timbral textures. The stringent build quality and attention to manufacturing detail is superb, as is the strong pewter-gray look. Our highest possible HeadRoom audiophile headphone recommendation. Hand made in Germany; individually serial numbered.

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Product Features:

  • Semi-open earcup construction isolates against exterior noises w/o total isolation
  • Outstandingly neutral accurate audio performance and deep soundstage image
  • Symmetric 6-pole cabling and dual entry cord ready for balanced-drive recabling, if desired
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany

What's In The Box:

  • Hard-sided metal storage box


Beyerdynamic has completely outdone themselves with their top-of-the-line Tesla T1 reference audiophile headphones. The tonal balance is just simply spot-on, the finesse and articulation is delicate as black rose petal textures, and the deep-space imaging is second (maybe!) only to the pricier HD800. The T1's majestic presentation excels at delivering buttery smooth yet nuanced, subtle, accurately detailed musical reproduction. The low bass response can extend wonderfully deep without any bone-rattling looseness or bloat with seamlessly transparent vocal midranges as focused and grain-free as we've ever heard in any headphone. Upper highs sing and soar in perfect space just like the very best $10,000+ room speakers. This is a headphone lover's headphone without question.

At the heart of the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 is a newly designed driver assembly that achieves a record breaking '1.2 Tesla' of magnetic flux density at the voice coil, which allowed Beyerdynamic audio engineers to design an extremely light voice coil with very few windings. This uber-lightweight voice coil allowed for a similarly lightweight diaphragm, which means an audio driver that can accelerate and stop nearly-immeasurably fast and deliver extraordinary musical responsiveness and transparency. To further improve soundstage imaging ability, Beyerdynamic research brains placed the T1 drivers slightly forward of the ear and angled back in order to more precisely mimic the way sound naturally approaches the ears in real life. Hence, the T1 delivers masterful spatial imaging for headphones and, coupled with the incredible driver performance, reproduces orchestral, symphonic and classical music in as natural and organic way as we've ever heard. For LP vinyl fans and reference recording aficionados, this 100% engineered/manufactured in Germany audio component is a true 'must-hear'. Listeners should allow a minimum of 200hrs of 'burn-in' time before the full acoustic pleasures of this magnificent headphone are fully realized.

The Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 goodness doesn't just end with the sound quality either. New construction materials and advanced design accentuate the advancements of these cans while remaining true to Beyer's understatedly elegant Teutonic style. The T1 delivers unsurpassed listening comfort as a result of its featherweight aluminum components, woven aluminum mesh earcups, leather headband and avant-garde acoustic dampening materials. The round, reasonably spacious earcups encircle the ears which rest on comfortably plush velour earpad cushions. Durable extruded aluminum bails connect the earcups to the headband and securely adjust for fit; the extra-thick leather headband pad secures the headphones in correct listening azimuth. HeadRoom geeks are unanimous that this is easily Beyerdynamic's finest offering ever; we highly recommend these headphones for a spectacularly pleasurable listening experience for any music lover or audiophile. The free 2 year manufacturer's warranty remains in effect only with a verified / authorized Beyerdynamic dealer purchase receipt like the one you'll get from us here at HeadRoom!


A new era has dawned with the development of the Beyerdynamic Tesla 1 600-Ohm headphones. The brand-new 'Tesla' technology engineered by Beyerdynamic audio researchers gives the T1 a significant boost in overall efficiency. The new Beyer transducers achieve values of over "1 Tesla" for magnetic flux density, providing listeners with nearly double the volume potential as traditional high-impedance 600-Ohm headphones. The increased efficiency also leaves the T1 with greater power reserves for fully dynamic, completely undistorted sound and true 'lossless' conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The nearly weightless 600 Ohm voice coils inside the T1 provides timbral transparency like no other driver design along with near-perfect signal impulse fidelity. To compliment the T1's audio precision, an acoustic baffle is set at an angle within the interior of the housing that adjusts to the natural peculiarities of the human ear and helps the detail-rich sound stream effectively into the ear's interior -- which helps to better interpret the spatially accurate, natural musical presentation. The elegant look of the T1 compliments the technical achievements with even the smallest of parts hand-selected by top German technicians at the Beyerdynamic facility. This model reaffirms Beyerdynamic's real commitment to world-class "100% Made in Germany" quality. To get the most out of your headphones, pair the T1 together with a HeadRoom headphone amplifier as the 'dream team' for seriously demanding audiophiles wanting the best of the best.

As mentioned above, the Beyerdynamic T1 headphone is the first model to ever break through the "One Tesla" barrier of magnetic induction. (The unit for measuring magnetic flux density is named the Tesla, in honor of one of the world's greatest visionaries and inventors of late 19th/early 20th centuries. When Nicola Tesla, a contemporary of Eugene Beyer, died in New York in 1943 at age eighty-six, he had filed well over 100 electrical patents.) Measured in Tesla (T), magnetic induction plays a central role in the sound of headphones. It indicates the ability of a sound 'converter' [driver/transducer array] to transform an electrical audio signal into sound waves and thus convert electricity into pure sound. Featuring twice the sound pressure of standard headphones, the highly innovative T1 driver makes it possible to produce high- performance headphones using minimal moving mass in a 600 Ohm coil and generates currently unequaled impulse performance. A 'converter' behaves like a vehicle in this respect. The lower the weight and the higher the performance, the greater the acceleration. The Tesla T1 is the very top-performing model within this futuristic generation of Beyerdynamic audiophile reference headphones.


  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Connector Type: 1/4
  • Isolation: -5dB ~ -12dB
  • Weight: 350 grams w/o cord
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 600 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Cord Length: 10ft
  • Cord Type: Straight Left-Side
  • Coupler Size: Large
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Semi-Open
  • Best of 2010: y

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Be careful with your expectations
Posted by derbigpr on 2013-09-14

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, well made, transparent, fast, detailed, clear, musical, images well.
Cons: Too big of a price jump compared to DT880, not as good audiophile headphones as the HD800

I wont spend much time talking about the good points of these headphones, they're all well known, it would just be a waste of time, so I will focus more on things that you don't read in other reviews, and I'll try to talk from a more realistic point of view.

These are great headphones when it comes to sound, comfort, build quality, looks...anything really. The sound has a very Beyer-specific signature to it. I would not call it natural. I would not call it neutral. The region from 7 to 10 khz is too spiky, and there's a dip around 5khz in the frequency response. The headphone is too bright to be neutral is what I'm saying. HD600 is neutral. T1 is not. That's why people prefer it with tube amps, because they mellow out the sound and reduce the artificial clarity of these headphones that often goes over the top.

Would I recommend these headphones? Yes and no, depending on who you are, how much money you have, and how anal you are about the sound.

If you're just a sort-of-audiophile, who likes great sound, but doesn't obsess about it, buy the DT880's (or T90's), and for the price difference compared to T1 get a good tube amp and a DAC, and forget about the T1. If you can't afford to pay 1500 dollars and not feel any difference when it comes to the weight of your wallet, be careful before you go for it. If its a stretch to pay that much, you might be disappointed by your purchase. Make sure you audition before buying them of course.

If you're a professional working in a recording studio, yes, absolutely get T1's, unless you're not ready to accept the fact that your old mixes don't sound as good as you thought.

If you're a hardcore audiophile, with lots of money on your disposal, and you're ready to pay 1000 dollars for that tiny sound improvement over the DT880, get these.

Now, let me explain why I say they're too expensive. Again, they are great headphones, excellent headphones, BUT, DT880's are as well. Out of a Musical Fidelity M1DAC + M1HPA combo, DT880's sound so good you'd easily fool a blindfolded person into thinking that he's listening to T1's. T1's sound better. But only marginally. The bass is slightly cleaner, more controlled and textured, mids are slightly more transparent, vocals are a bit more forward on the T1's, highs are a bit more sparkly so to speak, soundstage a tiny bit bigger and imaging more precise. Each of these separate categories is only slightly better on the T1's than on the DT880's. BUT, when you add them all together, it makes a clear enough difference to tell the T1 is the more expensive model in the line up. However, its not worth 1400 dollars. Yes, yes....diminishing returns, if you want the best, pay a lot, etc., it's all clear to me, but still, even out of a really high end setup, T1's are in my opinion not worth more than 700-800 dollars. Especially considering the HD800's are priced at 1400 dollars, and really....if we put the sound signature preference aside for a moment, HD800's are in a different league when it comes to ultimate sound quality and listening experience. They sound like high end headphones, T1's sound like a slightly improved DT880.

Again, a slightly improved DT880 is still an excellent headphone, just don't expect a HUGE jump in SQ over the DT880 (and HD650, K701, etc.), its only 5-10% better, and even that hugely depends on your setup, out of some setups T1's might even be inferior to the cheaper models. As long as you're aware that going from DT880 to T1 is less like going from a BMW 3 series to a BMW 7 series, and more like going from a 330i to a 335i, you're fine, go for it.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Posted by x on 2013-05-11

Recommend Product: Yes


Sound Quality
Look & Feel

16 out of 17 people found this review unhelpful. Did you?

Worth every penny
Posted by Shameless Gear Head from Unity, ME on 2011-02-04

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: clarity; balance; bass is solid but not overpowering or muddy
Cons: None that I can hear, feel or see

This is an astounding product. It has taken some years for me to get to the point where I feel that I can appreciate headphones of this caliber. The experience is almost overwhelming. The soundstage is expansive and the precision of the sound is unlike any other high end headphone that I have experienced. The experience is unmatched by any of my other none-too-shabby cans. Even poor recording sources sound better with these phones. Pricey but worth it if good sound matters to you. I can't imagine how break-in could improve these phones but I will certainly test the proposition. It is hard to put these down.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

28 out of 36 people found this review helpful. Did you?

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