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Absolutely clear with extended bass and highs yet effortless and tight, the DENON AH-D2000 rate as the best (on paper) 'sealed' headphones we've measured in our lab. The D2000 are a closed-back design delivering mild ambient isolation and are capable of true timbre with an analytically neutral, flat response that audio engineers, media professionals and audiophiles seeking uncompromised acoustics should hear. Top performance at a great price for high-end listening via uncolored 'straight pipe' makes the 2000 very hard to beat.

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Product Features:

  • Outstanding tonal clarity and technical performance with 'flat' accurate response
  • Excellent musical detail resolution suitable for demanding mastering work and reference use
  • Comfortable full-size leather cushions offer great long-term wearing comfort
  • Lightweight magnesium materials employed in headband frame and housings
  • Universally rated amongst Top 10 Headphones at this price!
  • Free 1-year USA manufacturer's warranty with HeadRoom purchase receipt

What's In The Box:

  • DENON screw-on 1/4" (6.3 mm) plug adapter
  • DENON owner's manual


Here's where we get dreamy and sweet-eared. For years we've sought 'sealed' headphones capable of delivering the precise sound quality -- and the excellent audio specs -- that the top open-backed headphones offer. Looks like our wait is over. The DENON AH-D2000 is truly a reference-class headphone in what can be a difficult 'closed earcup' category given the odd resonances or boxy sound that can result with poorly engineered sealed-back cans. But fear not, audiophiles, as the HeadRoom audio lab measurements on the AH-D2000 present some of the flattest specs we've measured from a sealed headphone -- except for (maybe) its 'big-brother' DENON AH-D5000 or the kingly AH-D7000 models costing 2X~3X the price. In the affordable AH-D2000, musical textures sound tightly defined and ultra-vivid, the soundstage image is deeply expansive, instrumental separation is clear as a bell, and the timbral precision is eye-openingly impressive. Overall, it's got a pleasingly lively presentation with silky clean punch both high and low and a tremendously musical, highly involving delivery. Get ready to hear subtle new details in favorite recordings you've heard a million times -- now there's some serious headphone fun!

Despite the AH-D2000's seemingly efficient impedance rating of 25 Ohms, it's overall sensitivity and heavy voice coil driver mass will still benefit from dedicated headphone amplification and control to hear exactly what it can sonically accomplish; otherwise, the sound may tend to be slightly 'flat' and un-dynamic, especially from portable audio sources. But once the D2000 are properly powered into their "correct" operating zone, a dynamic, spaciously accurate listening experience like this does not come around too often at this within-reach price.

The DENON AH-D2000 headphones look understatedly simple and well-engineered headphones. The lightweight magnesium outer frame supports full-size circumaural (around the ear) earcups covering the entire earlobe; the larger cup sizing helps provide mild ambient noise isolation while minimizing potential headphone 'leakage' to the outside world. The dark grey-matte color scheme of the 2000 is equally understated and the deep-well earcups are cushioned in a glove-soft black leather. Headband sizing adjustments are easy via a click-slider that is simple to use and secure once set. The D2000 headband clamping force remains very light as usual for DENON; some smaller heads may feel the headphones almost a bit too loose on the noggin. However, that loose headband fit also contributes mightily to their superb wearing comfort during long listening sessions. Our sole design quibble is a slightly weak screw in the headband frame that can occassionally come loose if not careful. The AH-D2000 headphone cord is a non-detachable 3 meter "Y" type 7N-OFC cable terminated to a 3.5mm (1/8") 'mini' plug. The cord is covered in a pliable tech-flex material that is abrasion-resistant and provides good durability for long use life. A full-size 1/4" [screw-on] stereo plug adapter is provided in the DENON package. The [USA-only] 1-year manufacturer's warranty remains in effect when proof-purchased from verified DENON-authorized headphone vendors -- like HeadRoom!

HeadRoom is a 100% DENON-Authorized Headphone Dealer. Your Complete DENON Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage Remains Intact With All HeadRoom Purchases. Always Purchase Your DENON Headphones from VERIFIED Factory-Authorized Dealers!


  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ -15dB
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Weight: 350 grams (w/o cable)
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 25 Ohms
  • Cord Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Large
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Sensitivity: 106dB/mW

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Great Product
Posted by ntox8ked from Laurel, MS on 2013-12-11

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, great sound
Cons: need something to drive them

These are great headphones. These headphones have amazed me in that the longer I have had them, the sound just keeps improving. Although to get the true sound out of them they need something to drive them.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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driving it home
Posted by SonarTech from Washington on 2012-09-06

Recommend Product: No
Pros: outstanding sound quality
Cons: week screw - design flaw

i also agree with everyone, the sound quality is outstanding! comfort is equally outstanding!
i just wanted to harp on that design flaw a bit. here's my story: i work on a submarine as a Sonarman. if you've ever seen "down periscope" im the guy with the headphones listening to wales and ships. i rely on sound quality to tell me what is going on. there are 5 of us using headphones 24/7. im the one in charge of procuring the right set of headphones for our use. i choose these and was let down by the design flaw. i bought 5 of them and none of them survived 3 months at sea of 24/7 use. they all broke because of that proprietary screw. we use them 6 hrs at a time before turning them over to the next guy. comfort was never an issue.
our supply system does not allow us to take advantage of the warranty and we wouldn't bother with another disappointing replacement anyway. so we discarded them at our own discretion...i kept one. i drilled out the small hole to a slightly larger diameter and used a larger screw and bolt. they hold up fine now and i use them all the time. (even at work)

as much as i love these, i cannot recommend them as they are.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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A Good Fit
Posted by Matt from Indiana on 2012-07-19

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Very comfortable, Quality construction, Very enjoyable sound
Cons: Not very portable, Need something more than an iPod to drive Properly

I'm relatively new to the high end side to headphones. It started with a pair of Bose AE2's and I used my friends Audio-Technica ath-m50's up until I got my hands on these.


Pros: I decided it was time to get a pair of headphones that could REALLY play when I got my laptop. Lets just say I am very Pleased. The fit and feel on my head is nice enough that I am easily able to spend a whole day listening to them and not really notice. The sound is also much more present on these (most noticeably in the bass department) than anything my Bose could present resulting in a fun experience for the listener, especially when the volume is turned up. They really do have a different play style than other headphones I've used (different good). These headphones appear to say to me, "come, sit down, plug me in and turn up the toons. We're going to have a good evening in."


Cons: As comfortable as the are (and they are) if you travel a lot or plan to, look else where. The cord on these cans is a love hate relationship, the no snag/limited tangle line is wonderful but it is longer than you may think. In addition, the construction of them is sound (metal frame with higher quality plastics and leather wrappings) but what you see in the picture is what you get. They are large and there's nothing that can really be done for it. As for the sound, I strongly advise having some sort of amp/dac/player/anything. These headphones sound nice when only driven by something like an iPod but not the $300 nice that they are. To get your money's worth out of them (much like all headphones) you NEED a stronger output. I found that my laptop does a wonderful job, but I went out of my way to get a laptop that had a higher quality audio output. Finally my last "complaint"; the isolation is almost token. it has some, more than any open back, but its not quite as much as I expected.


Final notes: If you are an avid movie buff, you should be very satisfied because these headphones deliver a movie theater quality audio performance. It should also go without saying but you cant skimp on the recording quality of the tracks you play with these. Poor audio quality songs will sound poor, even if you weren't able to notice it on other speaker systems or headphones.


tl:dr: Highly recommend for a fun loving listener or a movie fan. The pros easily outweigh the cons.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

4 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?

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