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JH Audio JH13 Pro

MSRP $1,099.00
Stock Status: Special Order.
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Top Ten For AudiophilesMr.Jerry Harvey has been the driving force behind all of the industry's best balanced-armature in-ear monitor headphones for a very long time. Think of your favorite talented musician and chances are they use Jerry's customized earphones on stage and in the studio. Now finally flying under his own banner, the JH Audio 13PRO three-crossover, six-driver array is one of the truest, most immersive audio experiences we've gotten HeadRoom ears on. Scintillating sound quality and reference acoustic performance at the very pinnacle of headphone accuracy. Compare against top customs from others and prepare for a face palm!

Step one? Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give us a call at (800) 828-8184 and we'll take it from there. Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

Check out our HeadRoom staff's Blog on their own JH Audio 13Pro personal headphones!

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Product Features:

  • 100% personalized audiologist-customized fit
  • 6 drivers per side -- dual low/ dual midrange / dual tweeters
  • 3-way seamless crossovers deliver perfectly neutral musical detail resolution
  • Close-to-perfect sound quality for serious audiophile listeners and professionals
  • Available in nearly any color under the rainbow; Choose cord length

What's In The Box:

  • Hard-sided carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Owner's manual


We initially stood around slack-jawed, vaguely stunned, and blankly staring at each other when we first heard Jerry Harvey's audiophile masterwork, the JH Audio 13PRO in-ear monitors. Then we danced the HeadRoom Funky Chicken like we had a slice of southern honey ham inside our shoes. From that first momentous moment, it was obvious the industry has a new unchallenged leader in the high-end 'audiologist-customized' in-ear headphone category. Expect the most correct timbral / tonal detail, analytically precise musical resolution, and true rapid-fire dynamics that easily rival -- if not surpass -- the very best full-size reference headphones available. The JH Audio 13PRO soundstage imaging is nothing short of an amazing feat of in-ear engineering: deeply layered, spaciously simple, and expansive enough to recover the most nuanced room sounds and subtle instrumental cues present in any quality recording. The 13PRO mids and highs sing out sweetly and soar smoothly into the uppermost frequency strata underpinned by a fully authoritative yet tighly balanced bass response that's nearly as textural as your favorite high-end room speaker. And the JH Audio 13 PRO's customized in-ear fit ensures a uniquely comfortable wearing and listening experience even during those endless journeys at 35,000ft. We've compared these versus other 'customs' and, suddenly, there's absolutely no question who dominates the extreme of audiophile earphones -- a big HeadRoom congrats to Jerry, Brittany and everyone at JH Audio!

Jerry Harvey's proprietary, patented precision balanced armatures in the JH Audio 13PRO contain dual low, dual mid and dual high frequency 'micro' speakers with integrated 3-way crossover arrays that are not only completely seamless but beautifully neutral across all frequencies. Expect a true response of 10 Hz in the lowest lows up to 20kHz in the uppermost highs and around minus -26dB of ambient noise-blocking [isolation] ability. The JH Audio 13PRO are amongst the most efficient models in the entire JHA line at 28 Ohms impedance (excellent for lower background noise floor levels) so they don't absolutely require an amp, but they'll nevertheless benefit from dedicated amplification to fully maximize their overall musical performance. We suggest partnering your customized JH13Pro earphones with a Headamp PICO and your lossless or uncompressed music source for the most satisfying in-ear listening experience possible today. Serious music lovers and the most demanding critical listener will NOT be disappointed with the JH Audio 13PRO custom earphones.

NOTE: These are a true 'special-order' and are fully customized in-ear monitors constructed to fit only your ears so, please, NO EXCHANGES or RETURNS ALLOWED. Jerry Harvey Audio does offer one (1) free "re-fit" of the ear molds in the unlikely event they're not 100% perfect first time around.

HeadRoom is very proud to represent JH Audio as their worldwide authorized dealer for all JHA Pro custom earphones. Please call HeadRoom directly to begin the JHA earphone order process -- or just to get our raving endorsement of these headphones from one of our knowledgeable, well-trained and friendly experts who actually own these things!

About Audiologist Customized In-Ear Mold Impressions

Please keep in mind you will need to schedule an appointment with your local audiologist to get the personalized in-ear impressions done in your area. The entire process should typically take less than a half-hour and cost between $100-$150. Check this HeadRoom link for a video of the process! Once the custom ear molds are in hand, you'll forward them directly to the Jerry Harvey Audio facility in Florida. Jerry, Brittany and the superb JHA team will have your customized earphones on your doorstep within 5~6 weeks of receiving your in-ear molds. Check the JHA link below to pick your color of choice and give us a call if any questions!



Select your color from the link below!:

Available JHA Colors: 


48" / 64" inches (clear or black cord colors only)


  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Cord Length: Custom
  • Sensitivity: 119dB
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Headphone Type: In-Ear
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Isolation: -26 dB
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 28 Ohms
  • Driver Type: Balanced Armature
  • Microphone: No
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Coupler Size: Small
  • Ear Coupler Type: IEM

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Posted by Figaro from Philadelphia, PA on 2013-12-18

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Sound you gamble will be as good as the reviews
Cons: Your ears will outgrow them

What everyone forgets to tell you is that your ears grow. In about three years the custom IEM you have paid so dearly for more than likely will no longer fit your ears! This is especially true for you older people -- the ones most able to afford such an expensive product. But not to worry, since you gambled and bought them, fully knowing you had no way to hear them before you did, I guess a second gamble, that you may get as much as three years use from them, is not so bad.

7 out of 10 people found this review unhelpful. Did you?

Posted by Darellmatt from Minneapolis, Minnesota on 2011-10-08

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Incredible clarity, sound stage, very comfortable
Cons: You can't really try them before you buy them

I struggled for over a year with the decision of whether to buy these. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 800's, which are very satisfying to listen to, but they are a bit bulky for some settings and require a decent headphone amp to drive them.
My other hesitation was the hassle of getting custom ear canal impressions made. What finally took me over my resistance is that I was seeing an Audiologist for other reasons, and I decided to go ahead and have the impressions made.
Turns out that process was easier than I imagined, although neither headroom nor JH audio are really clear about the sequence of steps you need to follow. FYI they are this: order your JH13's first. When you place your order ask the sales person for the address to mail the impressions. Then schedule with your local audiologist and get impressions of the ear canal made, with your mouth open, and including an impression of the external ear. The audiologist will mail the impressions to you, and then you put the JH audio address on the box and mail them to JH audio. That's it. No big deal.

Worth it? Absolutely. Regarding comfort: I am listening as I write this. I have had my JH13's in for about 3 hours. I really almost can't tell they are there.

Except for this exquisite, transparent, ultra-realistic sound that envelopes me. The sound is pure, amazingly detailed, and the only thing the bass doesn't do is shake the walls. To say that the soundstage is vivid doesn't fully convey the experience. At the end of the day it's about enjoying the music. And that is what these in ear monitors.

One minor probem: they come with a custom engraved carrying case, engraved with your name. Which in my case, they misspelled.

The only other real problem with them is that you can't share the experience with anyone less devoted to high end audio than you are...

oh well...

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Amazing IEMs
Posted by Asr from CO on 2010-02-12

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Killer sound quality, comfortable, totally isolating
Cons: custom fit (can't be shared or re-sold), some might find it bass-light

I've owned the JH13 since July 2009 (almost right after they came out) and since then it's been nothing but audio bliss in my ears! :)

But I'm getting ahead of myself and will explain a bit about the JH13 first. It's a custom IEM which means you have to acquire ear-mold impressions from your local audiologist (a separate cost that runs about $50-$150 depending on your area and where you get them done) to send off to JH Audio who then encloses their drivers into a customized acrylic shell replicated from your ear-mold impressions. There are lots of color options available for the acrylic shell, and you can also ask them to print a custom logo on it too. Getting accurate-fitting ear-mold impressions is extremely important because if the JH13 winds up not fitting well, it can be very uncomfortable and sound quality won't be as good otherwise.

With a proper fit, the JH13 is, well, pretty amazing. If all you've ever heard are cheap plastic earphones then the JH13 will open up a whole new world, at least provided your digital files are compressed at either a high bit-rate or are lossless. It has a remarkably "flat" response compared to a lot of other headphone brands that are sonically colored in one way or another (AKG, Audio-Technica, Grado, & Sennheiser for example) - no sibilance or otherwise peaky treble, neutral mid-range, and just enough bass for power & impact but not too much that it's bloated or flabby. What makes the JH13 especially good though is its combination of this "flat" frequency response with exceptionally good clarity throughout the spectrum (so you can hear every instrument discretely as opposed to them sounding like blended soup), a near-holographic soundstage (plenty of virtual air & space but not too much), and very quick impulse response (fast notes "pop" when needed).

It means that the JH13 is one of the least intrusive earphones or headphones that I've *ever* heard and that includes an absolutely huge array of headphones (to view them all, see my profile on Head-Fi, my username there is "Asr"). It sonically disappears extremely well and presents the music without imposing much of anything - which is an accomplishment because most headphones impose *something*. The JH13 is not a Grado, where upper mid-range is usually pushed forward and treble sometimes has too much snarl. It's not a Sennheiser, where you can sometimes feel like there's a curtain between you and the music and something else is masking the mid-range a bit. It's not an AKG K601/K701/K702 where there's excessive soundstage and the impulse response is sorely being held back.

It's a sonic tour de force that really just about beats down a ton of full-size headphones and then some. The only headphones I've heard that actually can beat the JH13 in at least one aspect? They cost in excess of $1K and most of them are discontinued - the AKG K1000, Grado HP1000, Sony Qualia 010, and Stax Omega II (MKI). The best part is that the JH13 can sound really good out of a computer or portable DAP with no external amplification - but if you wanted to formulate a proper hi-fi system with it, it will easily scale up with better equipment. Just buy the JH13 and you too can be amazed.

Isolation, you ask? This is a custom IEM - environmental noise becomes a non-issue. Even on public transit. I've worn the JH13 on both the bus and the plane and it's always a pleasure to be able to block out engine noise and screaming kids. :)

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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