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JH Audio JH5 Pro

MSRP $399.00
Stock Status: Special Order.
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Expect tremendous sound at a very reasonable investment from the patented JH 5PRO balanced armature drivers. The 'entry-level' to Jerry Harvey Audio's 100% individually customized PRO line of in-ear monitors, the JH 5PRO contains beautifully responsive low (woofer) and high (tweeter) drivers delivering a rich, perfectly balanced bass response and soaring mids/highs without treble harshness or hard edges to the vocal ranges. Amazingly detailed tone and in our opinion a clear step-up from any generic custom-fit in-ear designs. Awesome stuff and radically well-priced for a truly personalized custom product.

Step one? Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give our HeadRoom team a call and we'll take it from there! Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

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Product Features:

  • Balanced armature design with single woofer and tweeter/midrange drivers
  • True 20Hz ~17,000kHz response; 18 Ohms, 119dB sensitivity ratings
  • Terrific price for 100% custom high-performance earphones
  • Dozens of colors & graphics available. Give us a call!
  • Choose from 3 cord lengths

What's In The Box:

  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Owners manual

Although the JH 5PRO in-ear monitors are the starting point for the Jerry Harvey Audio line of completely custom earphones, the 5Pro's audio performance easily exceeds that of any 'universal-fit' earphone on the market today. The JH 5PRO multiple microdriver array presents a clean-toned yet rich tonal presence and delivers a pleasingly smooth timbral response across all frequencies for the best musical experience possible at this price. The JH 5PRO drivers are a 100% proprietary design by Jerry himself and offer a dynamic, life-like musical reproduction that less expensive generic in-ear headphones can only hint at. In tandem with your very best .WAV files or uncompressed 320kbps digital music, expect a gorgeous sonic experience anywhere you want blissful isolation and superb sound quality without the world intruding. And the 100% personalized, audiologist-molded fit ensures excellent wearing comfort even on the longest airline trips -- frequent fliers never had it so good!

The JHA earphones 100% individually customized fit design is ideal for listeners who have small, slightly odd sized or weirdly-shaped ear canals or if you've had any trouble fitting regular generic in-ear earphones in the past. Many color choices, graphics, and cord lengths available so please call our HeadRoom Sales Dept for all questions or to place your Jerry Harvey special-order!

NOTE: These are true 'special-order' and are completely customized in-ear monitors constructed one-at-a-time to fit only your ears so, please, NO HeadRoom EXCHANGES or RETURNS ALLOWED. However, Jerry Harvey Audio does offer one (1) free "re-fit" of the ear molds in the unlikely event they're not completely 100% perfect the first time around -- which is a rare occurrence in our experience, provided the ear molds are taken correctly by an experienced audiologist.

strong>Audiologist Customized In-Ear Molds

Please keep in mind you will need to schedule an appointment with your local audiologist to get the personalized in-ear impressions done in your area. The entire process should typically take less than a half hour and cost between $50-$100. Once the custom ear molds are in hand, you'll forward them to the Jerry Harvey Audio facility in Florida along with the unique HeadRoom order number we'll provide for you. Jerry, Brittany and the superb JHA team will have your customized earphones on your doorstep within 3-4 weeks of receiving your in-ear molds. Click on the JHA link below to pick your color of choice and give us a call!



Select your color from the link below!:

Available JHA Colors: 


18"  / 48" / 64" inches (clear or black cord colors only)



  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Headphone Type: In-Ear
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Isolation: -26dB
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 21
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Small
  • Ear Coupler Type: IEM
  • Driver Type: Balanced Armature
  • Sensitivity: 119dB

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