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Koss KSC 75

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We've always loved the long-running Koss 'KSC' series; they simply sound astonishingly great for the money and the newest KSC-75 are one of the best clip-ons in the history of the headphone industry. Ideal 'ear-clip' fit designed for applications where a regular headband headphone just won't cut it like extra-active uses, gym and exercise work, or maybe it's just Mom not wanting to muss up her hair during commutes. These little open-back headphones won't fail to astound with an amazingly clear, rich-toned listening experience at a true bargain price.


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Product Features:

  • Unique titanium drivers deliver excellent sound at great price
  • Open-back earpiece design lets you remain aware of environment
  • Clips securely to earlobes with good comfort & wearing stability
  • Killer Koss LIFETIME manufacturer's warranty!

What's In The Box:

  • Koss owner's warranty insert


The sound quality is quite impressive and the wearing comfort is too on the handy-dandy 'clip-on style', highly portable Koss KSC-75 earphones. We've been recommending this long-running KSC line from Koss for nearly 20 years now, and they've always been the very best-sounding things available on the market at the extreme lower tier of the price scale. The Koss KSC-75 clip-ons are perfect for the extra-active listener needing an inexpensive pair of headphones that you won't have to worry about sweating up at the gym, fitting under your sport helmet or using with that groovy tight skullcap. And since the open-back earpieces won't completely seal off the ear, busy city dwellers can maintain needed situational awareness for deftly dodging traffic on their latest multi-wheeled aggro-toy or metropolitan transportation of choice.

With silver plastic spaceship earpieces and frost-clear ear clips that look rather like 1950s wire-rims, these headphones -- like most other 'ear-clip' category of headphones -- are rather unique-looking and may perhaps feel a bit weird on a few extra-sensitive earlobes; for some listeners, they'll take a bit of acclimation time to get to feeling unobtrusive. The Koss KSC-75 come with a short mobility-oriented 4ft headphone cable terminated in an 'easy-on-the-jack' 90-degree [right-angled] 1/8" (3.5mm) mini plug ideal for iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptops and mp3 players. That standard Koss limited lifetime warranty is always extra-sweet; if they break, Koss fixes or replaces for life so remember to keep our '100% authorized Koss dealer' HeadRoom purchase receipt just in the rare case you ever need it!


  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Headphone Type: Clip-on
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Weight: 1.5
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 60 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Cord Length: 4 ft. (1.2 m)
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Small
  • Ear Coupler Type: Earpad
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Open
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB/mW

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Good Headphones, poor durability.
Posted by kirknelson on 2013-11-08

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Excellent sound for the money, comfortable, fits in pocket.
Cons: Cable shorts at plug

I've run through three pairs of these headphones now and am ordering my fourth. They are excellent outdoor running phones. Good sound, light weight, comfortable to wear and ability to maintain awareness of traffic around you. However, I've gone through so many pairs because for one reason, cable shorts at the plug. At first you can fix it by jiggling the plug or rotating it in the socket, but eventually one side just goes dead. Koss really needs to make their joint more robust. No question I would pay $5 or even $10 more for the same phones with better build quality. They do come with "lifetime replacement" but the shipping cost to replace them is more than buying a new pair!!! Completely worthless promise. I'm trying a pair of the Polk Ultrafit 2000s to see if I might like them better. Main downside I see with them is they are "behind the head" rather than separate ear pieces. I'm in the military and when running on base I have to leave one ear uncovered. The Koss model is great for this cause I can just hold one ear piece in my hand. We'll see how the Polks work. Also ordering another KSC75 as a back-up. In the end, I can buy 5 pairs of the Koss for the price of the Polks, so it probably isn't worth it, but whatever, it's not that much. Definitely recommend buying an extra pair as a back-up if you purchase these.

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Best bang for the buck
Posted by Ninj0r from Tokyo, Japan on 2013-04-20

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, wonderful sound, portable, amazing value
Cons: Loose for aggressive exercise, sometimes falls off

I bought these to be the headphones to use:
1) with my Android
2) when I'm exercising
3) at work

For $20, the Koss KSC 75's are the best headphones I have ever bought. Great overall sound. Surprisingly punchy and full bass (after looking at the frequency response graph, I expected much less). These easily compare to some headphones I have owned that cost around $50.

They sound great with my Android (HTC J Butterfly), whether playing games, listening to music, talk shows, etc. Very easy to carry with my phone and very comfortable to wear. They perform well in a wide range of situations. The HTC J Butterfly has the built in Beats Audio amp and it works well with these headphones.

For exercise, they do good a job of staying on for most exercises and are light/comfortable. However, if you are going to be training aggressively they will sometimes fall off. I have no problems keeping them on when I jog at a moderate pace but if I decide to sprint, one of them will sometimes fall off.

For work, they are great too. I can listen to them for extending periods of time with no problem as they are light and comfortable. However there is zero sound insulation and some sound leakage so if you are sitting very close to your co-workers and/or looking for headphones that will cut out background noise to help you focus, you should look elsewhere.

Overall, I definitely recommend these headphones.

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Just found a new best workout friend....
Posted by Danzspkrman from Victorville, Ca on 2012-06-13

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Clean articulate sound
Cons: None, unless you can't do clips

At $40 these things are way ahead of their league, boasting clear artivulate sound reminicent of a pair of Koss Porta Pro headphones I owned in the 1980's. Those things were worth every penny of their asking price of $50 until they finally broke after hundreds of hours of listening while I was overseas in the Navy. They provided a mental health elixer for that time in my life.
Back to this review. Not expecting much from their asking price I expected sound like the Skullcandy Inked earbuds at a similar price, but comparinng the two these have a much more forward detialed almost electrostatic sound. Highs are a little etched, but still would be considered fantastic by any measure under $80. Trying to compare the sound to decent speakers of yore that I would be proud to own in listining space would be like a Athena, Polk or PSB smaller more affordable designs maybe even entry efforts from Martin Login(but not as laid back as the Logins would be), but still holds its own with the bass line, just very detialed, even though they will not go low like a Beats pro....much more accurate involving sound. Feed it a good clean source it will be reveal quite a bit, but forgiving enough for lesser recordings.
I feel this would be a great phone to try the world of world class listening when you have a minimal investment, compare the the sound to like a lower end Sennheiser can which are amazing in their own right, I have a pair of HD 428, that the lovely wife comendered, which have a slightly more laid back warm rounded sound, while these will give you a more open detailed airy sound. Not as sensitive as other some in-ear type phones, but still will play plenty loud with an I-pod, smartphone. If you need it louder than this....find a moshpit... All and all astonishing at double the price, and a great entry into the world of fine listening. Anyone with just standerd issue condolances.

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