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Sennheiser HD 202 II

MSRP $34.95
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Smooth sound and extraordinary durability at a budget price is the Sennheiser HD 202-II. The simple but well-built 'sealed-back' earpad design is ideal if needing headphones that will keep the ambient noise out while keeping the music inside your head. Ideal for students, computer listening, audio labs, voice monitoring, recording studios and those seeking a tough general-purpose "beater" headphone with good performance.

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Product Features:

  • Perfect basic headphone for portable or home listeners
  • Sealed-back earcup design muffles ambient noise
  • Extremely durable build quality and comfortable lightweight ergonomics
  • Long cord allows easy mobility at your desk or on the couch
  • Free 2 year Sennheiser manufacturer's warranty

What's In The Box:

  • 1/4" full-size plug adaptor
  • Cable winder


Finding a low-priced, sealed-back headphone that sounds decent and is extremely durable is almost impossible. Almost we say, because the Sennheiser HD202-II is a standout in this category and audibly superior to many other models found around this pricepoint. Although they do exhibit the mellow midranges and evened-out uppermost treble typical of inexpensive headphones, these flaws are relatively modest given the cost; in fact, the musical clarity of these cans remains impressive for the price and category. The HD202-II are simple, lightweight, tough headphones great for keeping the kids' video games/ DVDs / loud music at bay, for outfitting your growing audio studio or computer lab, or for ramping down the dorm noise while not spending a big wad of cash in the process. Also makes a choice gift headphone too! HeadRoom geeks conclude the HD 202-II is a wallet-friendly winner.

The Sennheiser HD202-II have a mid-sized 'closed/sealed' on-ear earcup design. The circular pleather earpad cushions nearly surround the ears with the flat part of the earpads resting gently on the outer earlobes. The result is headphones that have the desirable light weight and small portable ergonomics of a supra-aural [on-ear] design, but have the secure fit and wearing comfort of larger circumaural models.

The Sennheiser HD202-II are black in color and employ a basic three-piece construction design consisting of the two earcups and headband assembly. The earcups attach via little ball-like protrusions that ride in a small groove within the headband; the detents in this groove allow you to adjust the fit slightly. This design also allows one to remove the earpieces from the headband for compact storage or traveling purposes, although too much disassembly/re-attachment could potentially cause premature wear on the grooved detents. The non-detachable cable is approximately a 3-meter long 'Y'-type and terminates to a 1/8" (3.5mm) 'mini' plug. A Sennheiser 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is handily included in the packaging. The free 2-year manufacturer's product warranty remains standard with all Sennheiser headphones when proof-purchased through an authorized dealer like HeadRoom!


  • Sensitivity: 115 dB/V
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Medium
  • Cord Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
  • Weight: 5.1
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Connector Type: 1/8"
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 32
  • Ear Coupler Type: Earpad
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Wireless: No
  • Headphone Type: Earpad
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Balanced: No
  • Isolation: -8dB ~ -10dB
  • Microphone: No
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Driver Type: Dynamic

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Average Rating 
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Great headphones for under $30
Posted by Yonv from SE Michigan on 2010-06-09

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Amazing headphones for the price
Cons: Not the most comfortable headphones around

These were my 1st step up from earbuds and gaming headsets. I was very surprised by the difference, so much that I bought a 5 pack of these for less then $100 and gave them away for Christmas presents. These Headphones were my 1st awareness that there was a better way to listen to my ipod and now here I am.They sound Clean with no distortion. They have fairly good isolation and I can't dispute any of the manufacturers claims.They can get uncomfortable after a couple of hours but I got used to them after a couple of weeks.If you are looking for a great entry level headphone for less then $30 this is a great value.

I gave it 4 stars because they are such a good value.

Highly Recommended

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

7 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Posted by ccrome from Mountain View, CA on 2010-04-08

Recommend Product: No
Pros: Cheap, $25
Cons: Very boomy, and essy at the same time

I got these form Amazon for $25. I figured that they must be okay since they wer Sennheiser. Boy was I wrong. There is a rediculous amount of boomyness, and at the same time piercing esses. Nasty.
If only I came to HeadRoom *before* I purchased!
Thanks to HR for the great frequency response plots. It confirmed the boomyness, but not the essyness. Having measured and made many audio devices myself, the high frequencies are very tough to get consistent, so YMMV in the highs. But these are just intolerable for me.

That's $25 down the drain. Dang.

What keeps this rating from being 1 star is that they are only $25.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

12 out of 20 people found this review unhelpful. Did you?

Good bang for buck
Posted by Soaa- from Montreal, QC on 2010-03-25

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Sound quality, fairly durable
Cons: Closed sound stage, build quality


The sound quality is very good for the price. Bass has punch, for those who like it. The rest of the spectrum is fairly balanced. The bass is a bit too powerful though, and tends to drown out the rest at times. They're also a bit tiresome to listen to for a long time because of that. Those who want bass cans will probably enjoy these more than I did.

While the sound reproduction is decent for the price, the sound stage suffers quite a bit. They sound very narrow, like everything is happening either right at your ears, or inside your head. There's barely any sense of space. Then again, most closed headphones I've tried were similar, so I won't consider it a very big miss.


The build looks and feels cheap, but hey, what do you expect for the price? They're surprisingly solid despite the feel. I attribute that to the plastic and the design of the parts: they have enough flex to not permanently bend or break during regular use.


If you don't mind the slightly overpowered bass and the narrow sound stage, these are great cans for the price. A good pair for anyone getting into better quality audio (e.g. ditching the iPod buds), but will probably be upgraded down the road.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?

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