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Sennheiser PC 360 Gaming

MSRP $249.95
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Hearing where your opponent is before you can see him is key in professional gaming. The Sennheiser PC 360 headset represents the German headphone giant's top foray into the world of gaming headphones. Designed to give you the advantage over hapless competitors using lowly box store gaming cans that have enough audio distortion to please thrash metal noise-core fans, the PC360 allow crystal clear conversations and pristine resolution of all those low-level audio cues hidden deep in your favorite gaming soundtrack.

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Product Features:

  • Cool flip-to-mute microphone; mic mutes when boom arm is up!
  • Integrated volume control on right earcup
  • XXL extra-soft earpad cushions
  • Open-back earcup design for clearest 'non-boomy' tone
  • 2-year Sennheiser manufacturer's warranty


If you are looking for one of the best gaming headsets around, you may need look no further than the PC 360 from Sennheiser. This headset has all the features any hardcore gamer could want. Highly adjustable headband and soft, felt pads create a very comfortable fit for those extra long gaming sessions. The lightweight construction and cool ergonomics further enhance comfort levels. The volume wheel control on the right earpiece allows for quick access to fine adjustments when explosions or gunshots become a bit too loud. Nattily, the microphone has a simple yet incredible mute feature that turns on / off by simply swiveling the mic up and out of the way. The Sennheiser gamer people are GENIUS!

The open-back design of the PC 360 allows for a spacious but slightly cavernous soundstage which creates a very dynamic and detailed sound that provides precise imaging of spatial sounds around you. Picking up the slightest rustle in the brush, the small thumping of footsteps, or that distinctive clicking sound of an enemy reloading is no trouble at all with the PC 360. Another advantage to the open driver design is it prevents shouting into the mic because you are able to hear yourself talking versus a closed headset. Now this open-back style does have a slight downfall. So if you typically game in noisy environments, the PC360 might not be for you. Because sound passes easily through the earcups, any other sounds in the room may distract you from the actual game audio. If this is the case, you may want to try a sealed-back headset like the brother model Sennheiser PC 350. But if you game in a quiet room or don't require ambient noise isolation, it simply doesn't get much better than the PC 360.

Another debatable issue about gaming headphone design is bass response and low-end impact. Some gamers prefer almost no bass so it's less distracting during intense firefights, but others believe it remains crucial for explosions and overall dynamic engagement. The Sennheiser PC 360 certainly skews towards the minimalist bass theory since there is virtually no deep low-end on this headset. However, because of the clean and clear presentation tuned expressly for gaming use, the lack of bass fullness is understandable. But be prepared if you plan to use this headset for more than gaming. One other thing to mention, the build quality seems a bit lackluster considering all the plastic and possible breakable hinges connecting the drivers to the earpieces. For a headphone/headset of this caliber, our crew found it a bit surprising since it feels a bit cheap. But Sennheiser's stellar reputation for durable products -- and standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty -- makes up for the slightness. Overall, we feel the PC 360 is a real winner. Only the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 can really compare to this level of performance, but it is almost twice the price. So if you're ready to try one of the best gaming headsets around, the Sennheiser PC 360 could become your new best gamer friend.

NOTE: This headset is for use with a PC or Mac that has built in mic and headphone inputs. The Sennheiser PC 360 gaming headphone will NOT work with the Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 without additional equipment.


  • Acoustic Seal: Open
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Cord Type: Straight Left-Side
  • Cord Length: 9.5ft
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 50 Ohms
  • Isolation: 0
  • Connector Type: Other
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Microphone: Yes