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Ultrasone HFi 780

MSRP $279.00
This product is no longer available for purchase.

Looking for high-end sealed monitoring headphones to handle all your music and production work? The Ultrasone HFi-780 is a great candidate if seeking sealed cans with clean acoustics across all frequencies with a lively 'up-front' tone and enhanced 'S-Logic Plus' surround imaging. With slight emphasis in the presence regions and strong dynamic balance overall, the HFi-780 should satisfy demanding critical listeners and pro audio fiends alike given the beefy build and easy foldability.

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Product Features:

  • Very good sound with a detailed 'forward' presentation
  • Strong isolation ability for monitoring use and listening privacy
  • Rugged construction folds down for easy storage & transport
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty. 100% manufactured in Germany

What's In The Box:

  • 1/4" full-size plug adaptor
  • Ultrasone storage/travel bag
  • Owner's instructional CD

The Ultrasone HFi-780 delivers impressive sealed headphone sound quality and a gigantic 'return-on-your-investment' value, easily offering the audio performance of many sealed headphones at twice their price. Plus the swank HFi-780 looks don't hurt any either in the club or out on the streets and you can expect clear-as-day tonal/timbral textures and an accurate rendition of all music genres without over-coloration, boxiness, or low-end bloat. Given their price, it's actually a headphone well worth considering for everyone from budding audiophiles jamming Lossless files on iPod or iPad to serious DJs and producers needing great-looking but a high-performanc accurate set of sealed/closed 'monitoring' cans. The HFi-780's efficient 35-ohm impedance and large 40mm drivers respond cleanly even without dedicated amplification. Still, any quality headphone amp will help maximize the Ultrasone's dynamic 'quickness' and fully open its wide frequency range extension potential. The proprietary Ultrasone S-Logic Plus and ULE [Ultra Low Emmissions] technology as demanded by European Union standards provide a more 3-dimensional presentation of the soundstage within the headphones while minimizing electrical field emmissions emanating from the headphones -- it's a unique feature set exclusive to Ultrasone and one that many audio pros working with headphones all day will actively seek out.

The Ultrasone HFi-780 cool black on metal-flake aluminum cosmetics make it a must-have for nightclubbing or for just attending groovy headphone parties, not to mention just casual listening at home or on the streets. The full-size circumaural collapsible earcups fold into the headband for storage or transit. The non-detachable HFi-780 headphone cord measures only 1 meter long [3 ft] as ideal for minimizng cord slack for short run situations. The included Ultrasone extension cord is 4 meters long, allowing the whole cable to extend about 15 feet, if needed; it's one of the longest 'stock' headphone cables provided by any manufacturer. The HFi-780 cord has a 'mini-plug' 1/8" [3.5mm] termination with a screw-on 1/4" jack full-size adapter provided. Ultrasone logo travel bag and instructional CD also included. If purchased from true authorized Ultrasone dealers (like HeadRoom!), the free 2-year product manufacturers' warranty will be serviced at no charge exclusively through Ultrasone Audio worldwide.


  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 35
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Cord Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Weight: 285 grams w/o cord
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Large
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Microphone: No
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Wireless: No
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ 15dB

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2 Reviews
2 Reviews

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Excellent portable choice
Posted by Up in the Air Again from White House Station, NJ on 2011-06-14

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Great sound, good sound seal, very comfortable
Cons: Well, they ain't small...

I only use headphones for portable music listening when traveling, when on a shoot or working on the road. I got these to treat myself, figured I'd use them when I didn't need my noise cancelling 'phones. Right now I'm flying somewhere over the middle of the US, listening to The Band, and these sound so clear and crisp, in the middle of the mix, I don't notice the airplane noise - not enough to want to listen to the much lower quality that I find noise cancelling 'phones have.

Casals' Brandenburg Concertos this morning were as alive and intimate as they are on my large home audio system - you can hear him grunting and humming, and I could hear individual violins' attacks. Another version of the Brandenburgs, the recorder floated out over the orchestra clear and distinct, something I've not heard from any other headphones I own, other than through my old Etymotic friends. The bass on CSN Fairgame and Dark Star has always been a test I use for speakers, and I didn't think I'd ever have headphones that had the same "hear the string release from the finger" clarity I look for from speakers. Even my Etys don't match up on that test. The 780s do sound louder for a given volume setting than other headphones, something that Ultrasone says the S-Logic does. I worried that it'd be a fatiguing over-emphasis kind of thing, but it's not noticeable itself - just by noticing where I have the volume set.

Comfort is excellent too - a couple hours on my morning flight, two hours of writing in the afternoon, and now a 5 hour flight cross country, and no problems. I often have discomfort top of my (pointy, no doubt) head from even the cushiest headphone bands. They look nice, although I hate wearing large logo'd advertising on something I paid my money for - pay ME if you want me to wear your ads... but I'll put up with it for this sound.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Excellent separation
Posted by Rob from Chicago, IL on 2010-05-28

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Extremely lightweight, detailed separation
Cons: Mostly plastic construction

I got these headphones because of the advertised "S-Logic+" 3-D sound. I can say for the most part, the cans do this, but in a small perceived space. If you plan on buying these headphones, you shouldn't expect to be fooled that your'e in a concert setting. Nonetheless, considering the small soundstage, the separation of instruments is distinct and natural. I use these headphones for a lot of critical listening, even though they are not touted as a "pro" product. The neutrality of the HFi780 is a definite help in mix downs and leveling. The construction, as I noted in the cons, is mostly plastic but seemly rugged. In fact, they are probably the most rugged set of mid to highend phones I own. The relatively low price of these allow me to be not as careful as I should. But, despite my abuse, they still look brand new. In the end, the question I ask myself is "Am I glad I bought these instead of the others I was considering?" The answer for the HFi780 is "yes."

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Versatile, stylish headphones for bass-lovers
Posted by A HeadRoom Fan on 2010-01-27

Recommend Product: Yes

This is a very particular pair of headphones. It has to me a unique sound signature, one that some people will love, and others will just not be able to work with. The most notable feature is the bass, which is deep and strong. If you do not like bass emphasis in your headphones, I would guess that you will not like these. They also have fairly strong highs, and so can paradoxically seem a little bright and a little bassy at the same time, which is a fairly unusual combination in my experience. If those qualities appeal to you, these will probably satisfy you, because they otherwise have great detail, good soundstaging for a closed headphone, are collapsible and therefore usable as a portable headphone, and have a great look and feel. One thing people generally find is that they clamp a little hard. However, as always, this is the price you pay for great isolation, which these have. All in all, a very nice headphone at a relatively affordable price. While I personally do not use these that much, I generally do not hesitate to recommend them to bassheads who are looking for a closed headphone that works as a portable.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Ultrasone S Logic Technology

Headphone Samurai: Ultrasone HFI-780

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