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Ultrasone PRO 550

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MSRP $269.00
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The Ultrasone 550 PRO became famous in studios depending on high-performance, high-definition tracking, session and monitoring-use reference headphones that don't skimp on bass. DJs and rockers wanting headphones capable of handling high output levels need look no further and your iPad or mp3 player just found itself a warm-toned, full-bass partner. Typically solid German-manufactured cans suitable for growing recording studios, sonic punch lovers, or pros working the bass clef.

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Product Features:

  • Includes 2 easily detachable/replaceable cords -- 1 coiled; 1 straight
  • Uses proprietary Ultrasone 'S-Logic' surround sound technology
  • Full-size coverage for excellent wearing comfort and isolation
  • Extra set of earpads in the box
  • Exclusively manufactured 100% in Germany

What's In The Box:

  • Hard-sided storage box
  • Replacement earpad cushions
  • Detachable coiled and straight cables
  • Owner's manual CD


The Ultrasone 550 PRO are considered the 'entry-level' to the German manufacturer's 'Pro Line' series of monitoring and reference headphones. The lower/low-mid frequencies are particularly well-developed in the 550 PRO making them faves with recording bass players, session musicians, and studio drummers. The highs tend to be lean although still quite present and combine neatly with the smooth, laid-back midranges that we hear with some Ultrasones. Expect thick musical textures and clear presentation in the 550 PRO's bottom-end response but perhaps not tremendous extension into the uppermost high treble ranges. A big feature of all Ultrasone headphones is their proprietary 'S-Logic' technology marketed as a surround-sound simulacrum that expands the depth of the soundstage image by off-setting the driver element  positioning within the earcups; the overall image does seem to get pushed "up" a bit with more dimension & spatiality. The earcup seal from ambient noise is solid but not total, so these remain suitable for situations where you still want to hear a little what's going on around you in the room environment or from your fellow musicians. Excellent "leakage" protection allows effective close-mic recording for vocalists. A well-priced, well-engineered German-made closed-back can suitable for use in recording studios, for laptop/PC/iPod listeners, bass lovers, or musicians seriously working the low clef. Manufactured exclusively in Germany.

The headband of the 550 PRO is constructed of a durable Ultrasone polymer material and fitted with hinged earpieces & swiveling earpads so you can fold the headphones into a smallish bundle for tidy storage or transit. The headband can be gently bent (gently!) to better accommodate different heads. We recommend letting the Ultrasones stretch over a thick stack of books for several days for big-noggin owners; that trick usually helps to minimize the headband's tight clamping force for most big-head types. The fairly large-size completely circular ('circumaural') earcups are covered in a cushy black pleather-type material that is also used on the underside of the headband for maximum comfort. A large hard-sided protective storage box is included with the 550 PRO. The detachable headphone cord exits from the left earpiece and is terminated with a full-size 1/4" stereo plug. As with all of the 'PRO' Ultrasone headphones, the killer package includes two interchangeable headphone cables [one coiled & one straight], an extra pair of speed-switch earpads plus a useful 1/4"-to-1/8" mini-plug adapter. The free 2-year manufacturer's service/repair worldwide warranty is standard from Ultrasone ONLY when purchased from true authorized dealers -- like HeadRoom!


  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Connector Type: 1/4
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ -18dB
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 64 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Cord Length: 10ft
  • Cord Type: Coiled and Straight Left-Side
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB

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