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Triple-Stack Balanced Ultra Desktop Package

MSRP $3,699.99
This product is no longer available for purchase.

The Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp [BUDA] and Ultra Desktop DAC [UDAC] represent HeadRoom's very best-performing reference flagship products. Add in the killer all-voltage HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply [DPS] then prepare yourself for a lifetime of joyous balanced headphone listening bliss. So, here it is, HeadRoom's best of the best with no compromise but nicely bundled at the best price. Cardas XLR interconnects included between BUDA & UDAC.


Brutus Award  

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Product Features:

  • Just add your balanced / XLR headphones to this complete package
  • Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp capable of balanced or unbalanced drive
  • Ultra DAC accepts all valid S/PDIF formats and rates; accepts USB 16/44.1kHz or 24/192kHz via SPDIF
  • Also works with standard [1/4" plug] headphones in non-balanced (single-ended) mode
  • HeadRoom/Cardas 1ft XLR balanced interconnect cables included

What's In The Box:

  • HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp
  • HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop DAC
  • HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply w/ two (2) DPS power cables included
  • HeadRoom/Cardas 1ft XLR balanced interconnect cables


The ultimate transcendent headphone listening experience awaits you with the HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Headphone Amp ["The BUDA"], HeadRoom Balanced Ultra DAC ["The UDAC"] and HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply [DPS]. In the BUDA, painstakingly matched pairs of normal and inverted amplifiers for left and right channels are designed with state-of-the-art components and deep 'Class-A' biasing to deliver true reference-quality listening for audiophiles and audio professionals. The differential-drive topology of the BUDA provides one set of balanced XLR inputs along with a single-ended RCA input containing a built-in balanced phase splitter for true balanced conversion. The BUDA's two Neutrik "combo" headphone jacks allow for connection of one balanced XLR-plug headphone or two normally wired [1/4" stereo plug] headphones. The BUDA amp also features HeadRoom's famous crossfeed circuit for superb headphone imaging along with a 3-position gain control to precisely match any headphone efficiency and impedance.

The HeadRoom Ultra DAC (The UDAC) is the digital partner unit for The BUDA and is also included in this package. The HeadRoom UDAC provides an exquisitely liquid and transparent listening experience from any computer via USB, or from any audio component with SPDIF optical or digital co-ax outputs aboard. A perfect synergistic tandem with our Balanced Ultra Desktop (BUDA) headphone amp, the Ultra DAC is a fully balanced differential-drive source engineered around the stunning ESS Sabre 9018 DAC. The Ultra DAC can receive simultaneous signal feeds from three digital sources including USB computer and/or coaxial & optical S/PDIF digital inputs -- and switch between them at the flick of a button. The UDAC also sports both XLR/balanced and single-ended RCA stereo outputs for full ease of connectivity. UDAC front panel controls include source selector, noise shaping filter, and lock light indicators for sample-rate ranges.

Finally, our beauteous coup-de-gras for this extreme high-end HeadRoom package is the HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply [DPS] at the base of the Triple Stack driving your entire 'Class-A' headphone system with effortlessly clean, fast and ample silent power.

We promise your demanding audiophile ears will exclaim "WOW!" like never before.... or our 30-day HeadRoom satisfaction guarantee refunds every penny!

Remember to ADD USB and/or optical or coaxial digital interconnects of your choice to your order for full digital connectivity to your PC / MAC / laptop computer or to your S/PDIF digital-output audio source.

NOTE: If you don't see exactly the combination of gear you want, please feel free to call us at (800) 828-8184 or send an email ( to our extremely knowledgeable, friendly HeadRoom sales geeks in Bozeman Montana who use all of this stuff (and more!) every day and are eager to help you get it Right Between The Ears!


  • Package Type: Home and Desktop
  • Amplifier Line Group: Desktop Line
  • Package Type: Home and Desktop

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The Ultimate DAC/Headphone Amp set-up.
Posted by Audio Supremus from Hong Kong on 2012-07-25

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Truly incredible sound and excellent value.

The Triple-Stack is simply THE best DAC/Headphone Amplifier system in the world, speaking from my experience of having been a High-End audio reviewer in the past. Most reviewers and audiophiles usually compare one piece of audio equipment with others, and judge merit based on performance is areas such as Transparency, Neutrality, Resolution, Quality of Treble / Mid-range / Bass, Timbre (Textural Accuracy), Speed (Dynamics) and Control (Pace), Soundstage and Imaging rendition. When listening with a pair of top-end headphones, the Triple-Stack system excels with all these qualities. But what makes it really special and sets it apart is that it has that very rare ability to make reproduced music sound so very much like listening to life music. And this is the highest accolade any reviewer can give to a piece of audio equipment, as life music is the only true reference.

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