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About Us

We are HeadRoom- Your Personal Audio Headphone Experts.

Need help figuring out the best headphones for you?  No problem, call us at 800-828-8184.  We're here to help.
We are HeadRoom,  We're a small group of dedicated headphone experts based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.  We have a 22 year history of helping music lovers find the best gear for their audio needs.  So don't worry, we're here to help you find your perfect headphones.  We give honest, unbiased advice, conduct in-depth product reviews and evaluations, and offer a curated selection of only the best headphones and personal audio gear in the industry.
So let us help you Get It Right Between Your Ears!

 Learn a Little More About Us:

  • HeadRoom has been in business since 1992 and began our website in 1995. We were one of the very first companies to extol the benefits of great headphone audio to the masses. Back then, "good headphones" were counted on one hand, today there are thousands of models to test and evaluate. We are known for honest, unbiased reviews, dedicated service and in-depth product evaluations.
  • We remain a small company of close-knit employees based in Bozeman Montana.  Our team works hard and we play hard, too. We love music, headphones, great gear and the great outdoors mixed in with the hectic excitement of digital e-commerce and electronic media. But we remain rooted in our small-town Montana friendliness, something you'll likely pick up on when you speak with any of our staff.
  • We also spent a number of years making cutting-edge headphone amps & DACs since our inception. Check our HeadRoom Product archive to see all the amazing products we've made over the years.
  • You will find our Sales Staff second-to-none: helpful, quick to the point and highly knowledgeable with a 'no-commission' sales approach and zero high-pressure selling tactics allowed. And they're just plain fun to chat with!
  • We work diligently to make sure we Get It Right Between Your Ears, just read Customer Comments. And if you've had a good experience, or bad, please tell us!
  • We try to get it perfect the first time around, but we know sometimes everyone needs to return or exchange a purchase. That's why we offer a HeadRoom 'no questions asked 30-Day Guarantee; return your items to us within 30 Days in 'as-new' condition and we will issue a full purchase price refund. No RMA needed. It's really that simple.

Meet The Team

 Jamey Warren, CEO Jamey Warren  ext.101

Jamey Warren is the Top Dog here at HeadRoom, having held numerous positions at HeadRoom in the past including Sales Manager and Product Manager. Jamey's extensive background as a lifelong musician as well as his education in music production means his love affair for headphones knows no bounds. Add to this a wide variety of business chops from having worked at companies like HeadRoom, Grace Design, Apple, and being self-employed as a web designer lets Jamey lead HeadRoom with the perfect mix of art and science.

Read Jamey's blog post announcing his new position as CEO and why he's excited to be leading the helm here at HeadRoom.

Jeremy, Fulfillment & Inventory Manager, ext. 100Jeremy

Originally from South Dakota and raised in rocky Thermopolis Wyoming, Jeremy spent many years as guitar tuner and final set-up specialist at Gibson Acoustic Guitars in Bozeman Montana before joining our team of HeadRoom headphone experts in 2007. A guitarist-for-pleasure and owner of a fine 6-string specimen or two, Jeremy's musical tastes run heavily towards classic rock and blues as well as a geographically unexplainable but passionate affinity for the Miami Dolphins. Our short Montana summers typically find Jeremy golfing away in some idyllic green under the Big Sky. His deeply trained, discerning ear and disarmingly friendly small-town demeanor make him an invaluable asset to our HeadRoom team and to our customers. In addition to his phone sales duties, Jeremy also leads our Product and Inventory Teams. His peerless advice and commitment to knowing every item he discusses with in-depth expertise is permanently on display with each and every customer, so give him a call!

Ben, Sales Manager ext. 105 Ben

A rare local native, Ben (aka "The Headphone Samurai") was born and raised right here in Bozeman Montana and his all-consuming passions are playing music along with live music mixing/production and audio engineering. A talented in-demand professional guitarist when not helping you get it perfectly "Right Between Your Ears", Ben has been playing since age 8. We first spotted Ben as a young teenager busking on the streets of downtown Bozeman, his note-perfect jazzy covers ensuring his widespread notoriety and a bulging tip case. Now amongst our most knowledgeable and -- standing at 6ft 4" in height -- our tallest HeadRoom headphone experts, Ben plays rock clubs and festivals all over Montana almost every weekend with his rock band Jamelution.

Mike, Manufacturing/Service Manager, ext. 104Mike O.

Mike Olson is HeadRoom's Technical Services Manager.  Mike is a huge music and audio lover and contributes his expertise to both manufacturing and retail.  With a background in technical audio and over 10 years of experience, Mike formerly managed HeadRoom's product manufacturing but now is one of our primary sales dudes.  His love for headphones have kept him an integral part of our headphone evaluation team, and through the years Mike has amassed plenty of knowledge about the art and science of personal audio.  On the weekends you'll probably find Mike on the golf course and in the evenings gaming away on his PS3.  If you've ever called in and talked to Mike, you'll know he's on the friendliest headphone geeks around, and is always here to help you get it right between your ears.

Ivy, Marketing Manager, Ivy

Ivy doesn't work at HeadRoom because she's a headphone geek, but she certainly is a headpone geek because she works at HeadRoom.  Having been a long time HeadRoom employee and filling various roles in Marketing and Corporate Management, Ivy's had a long hand in building HeadRoom and it's website,, into what it is today. A lifelong Montanan and outdoor lover, Ivy's creative background lends handily toward marketing, web design and management, and filling the wide and sundry projects happening at HeadRoom.  On the weekends you'll find her on the ski slopes, on a sweet piece of single track, or on the river with her family.  At work, you'll find her searching for well-recorded hip hop to send through some sealed headphones, whilst trying to perhaps even get a little work done.

Susan, Finance Manager, Susan

Susan is our Accounting and Finance Manager here at HeadRoom, so unless you're looking for a refund or have other business-related needs, it's likely you won't talk to Susan! But, she is an integral member of HeadRoom's team and fills many roles here at the office, including payroll and Costco runs, making her the long-standing favorite employee here at HeadRoom. Susan has been with HeadRoom for 15 years and throughout that time has consistently guided the organization with a keen eye toward controlling (not just finance but expectations as well) and possesses a practical mind that prevails amongst the sometimes-otherwise room full of dreamers and wild-eyed types. Susan is usually found listening to headphones at work, and has recently acquired a love for Spotify and all things iPhone.


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