Your Apple iPhone or Tablet - And Your Ears - Deserve an Upgrade With Excellent Mic'd Headphones

iPhone Headphones
Your music doesn't have to take a backseat with your Apple smartphone or tablet device. Get excellent sound while still seamlessly accepting calls using top microphone headphones, AKA headset or mic'd headphones.
Whether it be an older Apple device or the new iPhone 7 sans an analog headphone jack, premium audio quality and full telephony features await with the many different types of Apple-compatible headphones available today.
  • Headsets are simply headphones with a built-in microphone for taking calls. The mics have buttons to pause music and/or accept incoming phone calls. Apple iPhone-ready models will feature a 3-button controller on the cord to advance/ pause/rewind tracks and adjust volume. 
  • In-ear headphones are extremely popular for iPhone and other smartphone users. In-ear headphones are very convenient, easily portable, offer great ambient noise-blocking ability and can potentially deliver superb sound quality.
  • Lots of iPhone listeners want a headset unencumbered with cables, so a Bluetooth wireless headphone is their choice.  Bluetooth may not offer quite as excellent sound quality as a wired headset headphone, but recent Bluetooth 3.0 technology has made solid strides and, of course, it's the option for avoiding dreaded cord tangles when on the move.
  • If you're still not sure about upgrading, read our blog post on Why You Need to Upgrade Your Stock Earbuds.

Selected below are some of our favorite headset headphones and products compatible with Apple iPhone (and other) smartphones to keep your calls & music coming through with exceptional clarity and convenience.