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On Ear

On Ear Headphones...Basically, the Bread-and-Butter of Headphones. On ear headphones, also known as earpad headphones, can be good for doing almost anything, and comprise a great many styles, features, fit and uses.  

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If you’re looking for something that’s travel friendly, for active use, or simply a great value, there are certain to be a number of on-ear models that would be perfect for you.

  • Some on ear headphones can sound just as good as full size models at a more affordable price.  

  • Many fold and come with form fitting cases, making for easy transport, and are equipped with microphones for mobile use.  

  • They're excellent for active use, many exercise-specific styles are comprised of on ear models.

*TIP*: The key to finding the right on ear headphone for you is to obtain a good fit.  The headphones should fit squarely on the outer ear and cover the ear opening completely. Their fit also plays a large role in overall sound quality and isolation.