Quality Headphones Are A Necessary Student Tool.  Here's What to Look For When Choosing The Best Headphones Perfect For School. 

Noise Blocking. The best student headphones block ambient noises in loud places and won't disturb roomies or raise the hackles of the librarian. More importantly, they will protect your long-term hearing safety because you won't have to turn up the volume as loud to overcome ambient noise.

Travel Friendly. Student headphones should offer durable build quality, foldability for transit, and ideally a travel case. Student-ready cans must be able to withstand frequent trips across campus stowed in a backpack.

Smartphone-Ready.  Many student-ready headphones are made for iPhone and/or Android and offer built-in mics, allowing your headphones to sit happily with a computer, tablet or smartphone without missing a hot call or a cool beat.

Bang-for-the-Buck. Yes of course, student headphones must offer great sound quality at a very fair price. All students want to enjoy their favorite tunes with excellent sound but preferably without subsisting only on the four old standbys - Cereal, Spam, Ramen and Mac & Cheese!

Most Popular Headphone Types For Students

Closed headphones are usually a standard headband style and can be over-ear or on-ear, making them a versatile choice with tons of fit, sound and comfort options. Closed [sealed] headphones are great for moderately noisy environments such as libraries or study halls.

In-ear headphones offer the most noise-blocking ability of any headphone, even more than big noise-cancelling headphones. Essentially earplugs with superb sound quality, in-ear headphones are extremely compact and perfect for use on the go.  These are an ideal choice if your roommate loves to blast Norwegian black metal in the wee hours, but NOT recommended on busy streets and sidewalks or anywhere else you need to be aware of your surroundings!

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