Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops Are The Hub Of Our Workplace Audio Worlds. And What a Wonderful Sounding World It Can Be!

Whether they're workplace-only headphones or just purely for listening pleasure in various settings, headphones are an integral part of everyday life nowadays.

Work Headphones for Laptops & ComputersEspecially for computer or laptop work, on-ear and over-ear headphones are great choices providingan attractive mix of comfort, high-quality sound and varied options and prices.  
  • A closed (sealed) headphone will provide moderate ambient noise blocking ability. Some models block more than others typically depending on earpad coverage. Closed-back headphones also prevent others from hearing your music leak out of the cans.

  • Look for travel-friendly features such as carrying cases and the ability to fold for transit or storage.

  • Headset models have a voice microphone built-in for call compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

  • For noisier environments, consider an in-ear headphone.If you're commuting on planes trains and automobiles, find yourself in a loud noisy rooms, or listen anywhere you need to block significant ambient noise, we recommend in-ear headphones or a noise cancelling headphone model (like the Bose QC35).

Browse some of our top choices of headphones below we think especially well-suited for office work, studying or any other computer-based listening.