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Our Story

Our story begins simply enough with one guy wanting great headphone sound.

Our founder Tyll Hertsens was a traveling electron microscope repairman (yes, that was his real job) who found himself in far-flung labs with nothing but music to keep him sane on his journeys. He tried every headphone he could find but few were truly to his liking.

One day he decided if he built a little amplifier to drive his top set of headphones, it would make them sound better.

HeadRoom was born.

Tyll then started headphone.com - this very website!  - devoted to selling the best headphones on the planet, right along with his own portable brick of a headphone amp he called The HeadRoom Standard. Remember that name.

Of course, these were prehistoric headphone days before the iPhone or laptops. The only tablets anyone thought about were made of stone. And the best possible source back then for high fidelity-loving listeners on the go was a portable CD player.

Then came the Apple iPod and everything changed.

Suddenly lots of people had headphones and sought ways to get better sound from their newfangled player devices. Headphone.com and HeadRoom Audio were already there, offering hands-on advice to listeners just discovering the musical joys and excitement of great headphone sound quality.

The headphone industry exploded.  HeadRoom and Headphone.com surfed the crest of the wave.

Audiophiles seeking a sanctuary to get knowledgeable headphone advice and top-shelf products propelled the business forward and a new industry was born.

A stream of innovative new HeadRoom Audio products debuted along with an array of better and better headphones every year from makers all over the world. A headphone enthusiast community coalesced and everything was copacetic.

The small Headphone.com splash we started way back in 1992 turned into a pond which turned into a lake - which eventually grew into today’s raging sea of headphone choices, products and vast listening options.

Then the wave crashed into shore.

Too many cooks in the kitchen. Too much noise. Too little, too late. In 2008, our founder and board met a horrific worldwide financial condition head-on and we were forced to adapt or die.

We chose to fight and survive through the worst economic depression in memory. Sweat, tears and friends were shed, along with much cash, but here we are now leaner and stronger for it.

And we’re rising again like a glorious fiery phoenix from the ashes.

Headphone.com and HeadRoom Audio are now employee-owned by true headphone experts, each with a minimum of 10 years or more of working experience at our company, some with twice that. Tyll went off on his own way (check out innerfidelity.com) but remains near and dear, always providing true friendship and knowing insight. We are really fortunate to love what we do and do what we love in the last best place, Montana USA.

We remain intensely committed to bringing you the best in the headphone world with genuine product reviews, top-shelf curated products and great information.

And now we’ve happily returned to our original roots as designers and manufacturers with the first series of products we’ve released in over a decade.

And that’s just for starters. There’s lots more up our sleeve. Thanks to your steadfast support through thick and thin, we’re going directly to the fountainhead to make some more great products and do things we’ve never done before in our previous 25 years in the headphone business.

So please stay tuned to the latest here at Headphone.com and HeadRoom Audio by signing up for our newsletter below and buckle up. If our time in the industry has taught us anything, its gonna be a wild, fun and crazy ride!

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