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Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Earphone

The Bose QuietControl 30 in-ear headphones have user-adjustable active noise-cancellation (NC) along with clear sound and a very comfortable fit.

The neckband design with attached earpieces keeps the earphones handy even when you have to momentarily remove them for conversation or other tasks. Bluetooth wireless transmission and full mic'd smartphone compatibility completes the travel-ready scenario for active on-the-go listeners.

The Bose QuietControl 30 earphones are one of the first fully adjustable NC in-ear headphones with a neckband design. Access to the downloadable Bose Connect app allows QC30 owners to dial in the exact amount of noise-cancellation desired from completely off for those times when you want to remain aware of your surroundings to full-on 100% environmental ambient noise attenuation for airline travel or commuting.

Impressively, changing the amount of noise-cancelling doesn't seem to alter the Bose QC-30 sound presentation. The tone remains clear and intelligible with an emphasis placed on the mids/highs and good voice & midrange presence for call clarity. The rather lean low-end bass response felt a bit underwhelming for our Headphone,com review team, but frankly that's a fairly typical signature for this category of headphone; "authoritative" bass and wireless noise-cancellation are almost mutually exclusive terms.

The USB charge time is under 2-3 hrs and the approximate battery run time is 10 hrs with the adjustable NC feature operating at 100%. Our measured Bluetooth transmission distance was fairly short at around 15-20 ft maximum. On the plus side, we were able to obtain good volume from several Bluetooth sources and smartphones, something that's not always been the case with other more 'volume limited' Bluetooth headphones.

The Bose Quiet Control 30 earbuds offer an easy in-ear fit even for newcomers to the category thanks to the three sets (S/M/L sizes) of 'StayHear' Bose eartip sleeves included in the box. The fit style is comfortable and relatively non-invasive into the ear canal with the eartips held securely in place by soft rubber wings that tuck into the outer pinna of the ear. The earpieces remain stable even during very active use like while working out at the gym or hitting the treadmill. And the superior high-quality Bose construction ensures the Quiet Control 30 in-ear neckband headphones will easily withstand the test of time and heavy-duty daily use.

Also provided is a handy slim-profile Bose travel case for the Quiet Control 30 neckband noise-cancelling wireless earphones.

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