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Headphone Amps

What is a Headphone Amp?

A headphone amplifier is simply a miniature power amplifier specifically designed to drive the tiny speakers inside headphones. Headphone amps can be used with reference-level, high-impedance headphones from low-power audio sources.  They will substantially improve tonal & timbral detail resolution and dynamic range extension, while also maximizing musical clarity. Because headphones are often used in portable applications, some headphone amps are conveniently battery-powered. Headphone amps can also be used in a workstation or desktop setting where they can act as a central controller switch between various digital and/or analog sound sources, or they can function as a pre-amp in a home system.  Many HeadRoom headphone amps also include digital to analog converters (DACs), providing a USB connection for use directly with a computer, as well as optical and coaxial connections for compatibility with other digital audio sources. All HeadRoom amps and DACs are exclusively hand-built in Montana, USA.

Why Do I Need A Headphone Amp?

A good headphone is like a good speaker, and needs a power amplifier to sound its best. 

How Do I Know if My Headphones Need an Amp?

While nearly all headphones can be improved with amplification, some headphones require an amp to sound their best.

What is a DAC?

A DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) will turn your computer (or other digital-output device) into beautiful music.