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HeadRoom Labs

At HeadRoom Labs, we spend a lot of our corporate time and resources providing in-depth technical headphone performance measurements, all carried out in our independent headphone test lab in Bozeman Montana USA. Our proprietary audio analysis allows a basis of objective comparison between different headphones and can help informed customers make their headphone choice a bit easier. Of course, the human ear remains a much more sensitive 'testing system' than any microphone or computer can ever be, but our scientific evaluations show basic sonic performance and acoustic characteristics that can help you pick the perfect headphones for your individual listening preferences and musical tastes.

We try to make our testing processes and results as easy to understand as possible, but it is still a fairly technical endeavor. If you have a hard time getting it, don't worry! Just look for HeadRoom Recommended products, they'll always steer you right. Please feel free to call our HeadRoom sales team if you find yourself stumped at all these numbers and graphs. So if you're still with us and stoked, let's dive in!

Build A Headphone Graph

Pick up to 4 headphones and compare detailed measurements from frequency response, isolation, harmonic distortion, impedance and more. 

How We Evaluate Headphones

Learn about headphone.com's evaluation procedure and how we rate headphones.

How We Measure Headphones

Learn about our headphone testing procedure.

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