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With Over Two Decades of Headphone Expertise, HeadRoom Helps You Find the Perfect Gear!

Since our beginnings in 1992 right here in beautiful Bozeman Montana USA, HeadRoom has grown to become the world's largest, most knowledgeable headphone-dedicated online shop and headphone amp / DAC manufacturer. Our decades of headphone audio expertise allows our deeply trained staff to be able to sift through the chaff to find the best headphones to fit your personal listening needs, music tastes and, of course, your budget. Remember to consult our proprietary HeadRoom Labs headphone graphs for scientifically objective headphone measurements and specs to help you choose the very best headphones for you.

When seeking the perfect pair of headphones, it's important to consider the best category for your needs and exactly how you'll be using your 'cans'. Since 1992, we've been helping listeners select the ideal headphone for your individual desires, music tastes and budget with our tested recommendations. Call 1-800-828-8184 for further details on any headphone!

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What is a headphone amp? What is a DAC?

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Information about how we hear, Crossfeed, and how to protect your hearing.

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Your computer can be an audiophile-quality music source.

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A database of interactive information all about personal listening.

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In our nearly two decades of business we've made many great headphone amps and related gear.